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Ginger - Health advantages

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Ginger - Health advantages

Ginger has been known for its medicinal properties for a long time. The Romans already used it in their medicine supply. The plant was used to reduce headaches or muscle pain or to beat the flu. Ginger already had several applications including ginger tea, a poultice against pain, fresh ginger, candied ginger, ginger extract, ginger powder or ginger jam. Each application has its own medicinal characteristics. In the 16th century, it was already written by J. Gerard that ginger is heating and promotes digestion and is good for the stomach. In the 18th century it was already used by pharmacists in all kinds of medicines. Researchers later scientifically substantiated these findings. Chinese use it to boost both the yin and the yang. Ginger is known as a plant with one of the most pharmacological characteristics. In short, it can be said that ginger mainly affects our digestion, cardiovascular system and  reduces pain. A comprehensive list of its most impressive characteristics can be found below:


- Antioxidant
- Anti-rheumatic effect
- Anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-biotic and anti-parasitic
- Regulates blood pressure
- Protection of the heart and blood vessels
- Protection and regeneration of the gastrointestinal mucosa
- Promotes cognitive functions, learning and memory
- Promotes the function of bile and facilitates the release of bile into the small intestine
- Cholesterol lowering effect
- Promotes circulation
- Promotes insulin sensitivity
- Fever-lowering
- Liver protective effect
- Libido enhancer
- Relieves flatulence and intestinal cramps
- Anti-inflammatory
- Probiotic
- Analgesic because of the inhibition on prostaglandin synthesis
- Prevention of pregnancy sickness, motion sickness and seasickness
- Prevention of chemotherapy and post-operative nausea
- Improves carbohydrate and fat metabolism
- Increased absorption of vitamins and minerals, among others (200%)
- Strengthening of our immune system




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